Initial Hair Test  including 15 minute phone consultation $209.00* (per horse)
7 week Individual Herb/Flower Remedy formula (approx) $176.00*
Hair re-assessment (per horse) $88.00*

*Prices include GST

We only use the highest quality practitioner only & human grade herbal extracts, which can sometimes be very difficult to source and subject to fluctuating prices.  As you can imagine weather patterns, wars etc can affect availability of some herbs.  We work very hard to keep our prices as low as possible, and we ask you to understand that all our formulas are handmade for you and your horse according to each individual’s needs.  We will always advise if there is a price differential between the advertised price structure and your mixture.  Postage and Packaging charges are additional.

Direct Deposit Receipt, cheque or money order MUST accompany hair sample

The Horse Herbalist
BSB: 112 879
ACC: 156 064 764


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