How to send hair

Send a good switch of hair (ideally from the mane).  At least 1cm thick either pulled out or cut close to the skin.  Hogged mane horses send enough hair to cover a 20c piece.

Take the envelope with you to the horse and drop the hair immediately into the envelope and seal (no plastic bags please).  It is helpful to label the envelope with the horse’s name before taking the hair sample.

On a separate piece of paper, please list:

–    Owner/Trainer’s name, address, business hours phone number, home phone number, email address etc.,

–    Horse’s stable name, sex, age, breed, discipline (ie race, campdraft, dressage etc.,)

–    Horse’s perceived problem, veterinary diagnosis and treatment if any.  Any of your own thoughts, observations   and horse history, if known.

–    Everything the horse is eating, including all additives.

–    Direct Deposit receipt, Cheque or Money Order MUST accompany hair sample

The Horse Herbalist, BSB 112 879, Account 156 064 764

The Horse Herbalist

PO Box 161
Ballina NSW 2478

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