Julie Curtis

Julie has been a client of Angela’s for many years.  Julie always loved animals and starting rescuing them as a little girl in regional Australia.  She has been a member of The Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers (NRWC) since 1996.  Over the years she has rescued, rehabilitated and released thousands of species of birds, reptiles, mammals & marsupials.  As the wildlife Carers Reptile Co-ordinator, Julie specialises in Reptiles – snakes, turtles and lizards and is on call to recover snakes such as Eastern Browns, Red Belly Blacks, Carpet Pythons, Green & Brown Tree Snakes etc from scared people’s homes & gardens so they can be released into the wild.

Over the years, Julie has persuaded Angela into hair assessing and treating all sorts of animals, including ferrets, possums, dogs, rabbits, sheep and goats as well as the occasional horse!

Julie finds so much satisfaction in rescuing domestic animals and rehoming them with people who can love and care for them.  She loves working at The Horse Herbalist as all the people she speaks to have such genuine affection for their animals who are committed to finding gentle, lasting healing alternatives to repair and restore their animals’ health.

After a long career in service industries, Julie was the obvious choice for the frontline on the phones at The Horse Herbalist.  With her bubbly, friendly, personality and love of all animals, great and small.  Julie loves broadening her animal understanding and knowledge and helping stressed horse owners bring their horses back into balance.  Julie is in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays and at other times of peak demand!

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