“We’d like to thank you for all your help with many of our horses over the years.  Any new horse that arrives on our property has a hair sample taken and sent through to you within a fortnight.  Nick would particularly like to thank you for your treatments for Tuk.  He is a fabulous horse and over the last 12 months they have had many fantastic results including 2013 Supreme Working Stockhorse at the ASH Youth Nationals and 2014 Junior Winner Man from Snowy River Challenge, Corryong as well as many Campdraft wins and places.  Thank you!”

Julie Roe



“Grace has been so much happier already, her coat is shinier, her eye is brighter  . . .  we had a competition one week into the treatment and her first try on the Stage Fright.  The difference I had in my horse was amazing.  I had a 13% improvement in one of my dressage scores from the previous week and we won all our classes that day.  It was so nice to have a horse so much closer to the one I have at home.  I cannot thank you enough”

Carly Dwyer



“Before Angela started working on my horses, I’d try about twenty to get two useful ones. In the last four years, every horse that comes in gets hair tested and then appropriate herbal treatment and some bodywork and away we go. I haven’t had a reject in four years, so we’re all happy. Angela’s work makes a huge difference.”

Annie Creighton, Showjumper



“It will be 3 weeks tomorrow that my mare Cartier has been on the herbal mixture Settle Petal, I cannot believe the difference in her. I described her symptoms to Angela about a month ago, Cartier was very very fussy with food, suicidal in the paddock and was “upset” very easily. Angela prescribed her a 3 week treatment of Settle Petal, just 5ml twice a day over the tongue and the difference is huge. She now eats! She looks for food, she licks her bowl clean, she would rather stay at her feed bin than gallop around, she sleeps in the paddock and has stopped “looking” for something to be scared of. I honestly can’t believe it. Thank you!”

Kirsty-Lee Brilliant



I was very fortunate to have The Horse Herbalist sponsor and treat the beautiful A’seduction (stable name Basil) my Grand Prix stallion, for 13 years. I owned him from when he was 10 months old, and trained and competed him right through to Grand Prix level in Dressage. He was in State Squads and the National Squad, and was State Champion so many times. He became the Qld Grand Prix Champion and won over 40 Regional Dressage Championships. He is still competing at the highest level at the age of 17, which is testament to Angela Davison and her ongoing preventative treatment regime for Basil.

A few months ago I found an amazing new owner for Basil, who loves him as much as we do. As with all pre sales of an expensive horse, Basil had to go through a long and thorough vet check, with multiple digital x-rays of all of his joints. At 17, after so many competitions and so much road travelling in the float and years of training, you have to think, that there would be something that they will find. The vet was astounded, he came through practically clean , no arthritis, no real joint damage or degeneration.

Testament to the wonderful Angela Davison, the incredible Horse Herbalist who looked after him for all his competition years. The bodywork was vital to his performances and overall health. Angela did at least two hair tests a year to check on the state of his organs, joints and emotional health and made him herbal mixtures to address any inconsistencies. He is the very picture of health – all credit to The Horse Herbalist.  Thank you!

Sally Evans



“Angela Davison has tested and treated a number of horses from my stable over the last seven years with amazing results. I have been delighted with the improvement – both mentally and physically, of some of my problem horses, and would highly recommend Angela’’s methods of treatment.”

C. Cameron, Racehorse Trainer



“I am writing to thank you for all your help.Back in 2006 I tried to get my maiden mare in foal to a Stallion using frozen semen. Yes I know the odds were against me.It ended up being a disaster and to cut a long story short my mare did not get in foal and all I had to show for the 2006-2007 season was a hefty vet bill and a horse that got a nasty infection in her uterus.

So come 2007-2008 I decided to take another approach. I obtained the assistance of Angela Davison to help in the fertility of my mare. I knew the semen motility was as good as you could hope for so I needed to focus on my mare.

I obtained a hair test result from Angela outlining where her downfalls/imbalances were and we started to administer a tonic day and night. The 2nd assessment was so different and all her imbalances had been corrected. Next step was off to the vets. I had decided to go to another vet, which was located in VIC. We also had some of your product “Settle Petal” to give my mare, as it was a 7 hour trip to VIC. She is not a great floater so this helped her a lot.

To cut a long story short my mare went in foal with the vet using an endoscopic procedure and only using 1 mini straw to conceive (there were 8 mini straws in one dose). Needless to say I was ecstatic !!!!. Even better was that I still have straws left to use another time.

I now have a beautiful yearling that I adore. Angela I cannot thank you enough!!!!

I would recommend to anyone who has doubt as to the health/imbalance of his or her equine friend to contact Angela. She has been a God sent.”

Natalie Watt.Oakdale.NSW


For many years I’ve had a rotor cuff problem which has given me lots of pain until I discovered “To the Bone”. After being very sceptical at first, I have now been using it on and off for 2 years and I have great results! My shoulder usage has improved enormously and I would not have the range of movement I now enjoy all thanks to this herbal product. I recommend it to anyone suffering chronic joint pain.  Thank you so much Angela!

Dave Curtis



“I would just like to thank you heaps for all the effort you have put into helping me keep “Kohl” at the top level so I could compete and head down the road each and every weekend to competitions. Kohl was named ABCRA Australian Breakaway Roping Horse of the year 2008 And he helped me achieve my goals for the year and without him I wouldn’t be named:-

ABCRA Australian Breakaway Roping Champion 2008
ABCRA Australian All Round Cowgirl Champion 2008
Runner Up ABCRA Steer Undecorating Champion

All the hard work put in over the past 12 months has paid off, and it was all worth while. Kohl has now taken me to win 3 back to back Australian Steer Undecorating titles (05,06,07) and a Runner Up Title 08. Also a Breakaway Roping Title and an All Round Title and he has also won an Australian Steer Undecorating 07 & Breakaway Roping Horse 08 award of the year. He is the best horse. Thank you Angela”

Nichole & Kohl



“I just want to thank you heaps for your help over the past years with my horse “Kohl”. Lately I’ve just been using the Cough it up the day before competitions and if at a competition and it is really dusty i’ll even give him some that morning. Kohl only every now and gets a little bit of a cought now, but i really think that this has help him out alot.

We have just finished at the National Finals Rodeo at Tamworth for the year of 2009. Kohl has been great to me and help me claim back my Australian Breakaway Roping Title for 2009. But the one I’m over the moon about is “Kohl” had the fastest time at the National Finals in the Barrel on the Last night. I also won 2 rounds in the Barrel and placed 5th one night and just out of the money the other night. So with this we won the National Finals Average Champion Barrel Racer 2009. Kohl went great at the finals and he is the only horse that competes in all three ladies events at the finals, and the barrel race is the last ladies event each night so he had 4 big nights of competition and won the Average in the Barrel Race, I really still can’t get over him!!!

So thanks for all your help and will keep using the Cough it up On Kohl as i really think it does help him out. Thanks heaps”

Nichole Amey



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