Herbal Health

Plants have been used for healing since the beginning of time.  Indigenous and ancient peoples across the planet have used Mother Nature’s Medicine Chest in many different ways (poultices, extracts, tinctures, teas etc) learning through trial and error which part of the plant serves what purpose.

Modern (allopathic) medicine is based on that ancient herbal knowledge and many pharmaceutical pills are simply synthetic replicas of an isolated constituent of the plant.

It is the subtle and complex mix of phytochemicals found in plants which have support and nurture the body’s biomechanical processes and provide a catalyst which inspires the body’s own innate ability to heal.

Scientific trials conducted throughout the world have confirmed the therapeutic benefits of herbal medicine, whether as an alternative, or adjunct, to conventional (allopathic) medicine

Horses, in their natural state, eat a wide variety of grasses, grains, leaves, roots, barks and herbs.  With land prices prohibitively high and intensive farming practices what they are, it is rare for horses to be able to roam and feed themselves, or for paddocks to contain medicinal herbs or varieties of pasture.  If horses can’t help themselves, we have to help them.

The quickest way to bring your horse back to balanced health is through the ancient art of herbal medicine, combined with a diet unique to your horse’s body and needs.

Treat your Horse as Nature intended!

All our herbal medicines are handmade with the highest quality human grade herbal extracts according to the Australian Government’s code of Good Manufacturing Practice. All such herbal extracts are available only to certified practitioners and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

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