The Power of Nature

Herbs, Flower Remedies and Homeopathics offer safe, natural healing options for Horses, Pets and People. They are indispensable for First Aid, as well as providing effective treatments for holistic health (body, mind and soul) – they encourage the body to activate its own innate healing mechanism.

Stock your Pantry, Stable or Shed with a few staples and you will soon realise how quickly they work to transform dis-ease (physical, mental or emotional). You need never feel helpless again when it comes to the health of the two and four leggeds you love and care for!

Angela Davison can’t remember a time when she didn’t love horses – their power, noble good looks, strength and wisdom. As a child, growing up in the North of England, she was fascinated by the Romany gypsies who camped in the village each year, buying and selling horses. She witnessed many miracles as poor looking animals were purchased for peanuts, treated with herbal brews & salves and transformed into sleek, glossy, bright eyed horses which, when re-presented at the sales turned a good profit – all in a matter of weeks.

From showjumping in the UK before her family moved to Australia in the early 1970’s, Angela’s career was always going to be in the equine industry. She learnt about film work and taught actors how to look like they belonged on a horse and then entered the horse racing industry as a track work rider, before becoming one of Australia’s first female jockeys.

Along with he thrills came plenty of spills but Angela’s return to work was always hastened by great chiropractic, together with herbs and homeopathic. After a respectable 366 winners to her credit, Angela knew it was time to give something back. She had always massaged and stretched horses and been highly aware of their body mechanics, but she knew she needed to gain a lot more knowledge to become truly effective. Herbs had significantly helped her so she resolved to train and obtain some solid knowledge of Herbal Medicine and start applying it to the horses.

Angela graduated from the Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine (Sydney) in 1987, studied Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, Florida in 1991 and 1992, and the Clinical Science of Mineral Therapy with Blackmores in 1993. She studied EMRT (Equine Muscle Release Therapy) with Ali Goward after completing her traditional Bowen training. Angela developed her own unique Hair Assessment technique in 1991, which forms the foundation of her exceptional work in healing horses and continues to evolve as she allows every horse to be her teacher.

Angela had a thriving mixed human & horse herbal practise for 12 years until the year 2000 when she was ready to specialise in horses. Over 20 years as a full time Equine Herbalist, Angela has continued learning, teaching (TAFE and Herbal Horsemanship Courses) and gaining in experience and expertise.

Angela has been rewarded with numerous remarkable outcomes and it is the success and vitality of her clients’ horses which rewards and enriches her life. Her work represents the culmination of all her years of learning from horses and herbs and she has become a powerful catalyst – helping horses heal and move past their blocks and limitations to realise their full potential in performance and enjoyment of life.